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The PLATH Group has a lot to offer. Various events take place regularly within the respective companies or across the board. Whether summer festivals or Christmas parties, fondue or barbecue evenings or a variety of sports events such as the annual PLATHFüße Group Challenge.

There are many opportunities with us – also beyond the professional exchange – to come together and have fun. Gain a first impression of our events and campaigns in the following news and let the diversity we live in and the strong sense of togetherness have an effect on you.

16.05.2019 | PLATH Group | Career

PLATH Hackathon 2019 … above the roofs of Prague

A Hackathon, also known as a Hack Day, Hackfest or Codefest, is an event where people meet in order to work together on software and/or hardware. That's exactly what we did! Three days! In Prague!...

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07.05.2019 | Career | PLATH GmbH

Our day of superheroes

Girls' & Boys' Day at PLATH On 28.03.2019 the Girls' & Boys' Day took place once again in our house, which should make it possible especially for the girls to get a taste of the still predominantly...

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01.04.2019 | Career | PLATH GmbH

Book exchange week at PLATH

In the week of 11.03 to 15.03.2019, bookworms among the PLATH employees could enjoy plenty of books made available to exchange, both from the library and from our employees' private bookshelves.

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09.01.2019 | Career | PLATH GmbH

Every year

Traditionally, we at PROCITEC participate at the “donation instead of gifts“ activity and this year we are again directing our Christmas donation to Kinderhospiz Sterneninsel e. V. in Pforzheim.

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