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The PLATH Group has a lot to offer. Various events take place regularly within the respective companies or across the board. Whether summer festivals or Christmas parties, fondue or barbecue evenings or a variety of sports events such as the annual PLATHFüße Group Challenge.

There are many opportunities with us – also beyond the professional exchange – to come together and have fun. Gain a first impression of our events and campaigns in the following news and let the diversity we live in and the strong sense of togetherness have an effect on you.

28.07.2014 | Career

PLATH Barbecue

In July we took the opportunity of the good weather to celebrate the already traditional PLATH Barbecue.

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23.07.2014 | Career

PLATH Graffiti – under construction now!

Something happens in the PLATH courtyard … It is a few days now that the artist Gitte Record has begun with the realisation of her graffiti using spray paint and stencils. Gradually a graffiti...

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07.07.2014 | Career


Following the call to "Lend a hand", employees' children once again got out of the classroom and into the office to work at PLATH for one day on July 3rd 2014.

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02.07.2014 | Career

PLATH Graffiti

At PLATH we don’t just appreciate art, we actively promote it!

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