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PLATHfeet 2.0 – the challenge goes into the next round

The first edition of the PLATHfeet Around the World step challenge last year was an enormous success. Many participants, and unbelievably many steps, led the PLATH ...


5,000 runners in 1,000 Teams – with the PLATH Group in the thick of it and far in front!

Unbelievably athletic! The annual Hamburg MOPO team relay race started at 5.30 pm. on Wednesday 15 August 2018. The PLATH Group took part this year with six teams ...


The 2018 PLATH Championship – a summer festival with a World Cup theme

And here, too, the Germany team was missing from the final ...


PLATH – full house in the "Große Freiheit" and top form without doping for over 10 years

Trumps, missing colours and bites – we are not talking about chocolate, textiles and certainly not about mosquitoes or other natural events – this is about the ...


PLATH, successful in the past, today and also in the future:

The Minister for Economic Affairs as guest in the Gotenstraße


They Next Christmas Party Always Starts the Day after the Last One

A lot of fun and different every year – no-one ever knows in advance what's going to happen. The result was a surprising and tremendous 2017 Christmas party at ...


Java User Group Hamburg Meeting

The meeting of the Java User Group Hamburg at PLATH GmbH in the Gotenstraße on November 9 last year was a complete success. The "Eclipse RCP and Mass Data" ...


Cheese fondue for the beginning of fall at the PLATH AG

Summer is over, fall has finally reached the PLATH AG in Switzerland. When the North Germans have their kale, the Swiss have their cheese fondue for this time of ...


PLATHian supports NAKO health survey

Nationwide 200.000 participants were invited to take part in the so far largest „NAKO Health Survey“. All participants were chosen randomly by the registration ...


Temporary PLATHian as student intern

My name is Thomas, currently I am an eleventh grader at the Lessing-Gymnasium in Norderstedt, absolving a two weeks internship at PLATH in the heart of Hamburg. ...