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Museum visit: Beckmann

The Still Lifes – PLATH visits the Kunsthalle in Hamburg


How do we get to Oregon, please?

The geospatial scene met at FOSS4G in Portland


How satisfied are we PLATHians?

That’s what we have asked our employees of the PLATH GmbH. To gain an impression of employee satisfaction in general there was an anonymous online survey. ...


Big Data, AI and AR: “Rise of the Machines” in Munich

Do intelligent machines soon know everything about us, our habits and our surroundings?


Latin American Day 2014 in Cologne

„We want to show German SMEs, how South American SMEs operate”*


PLATH Graffiti – Mission accomplished!

A creative masterpiece now decorates the courtyard at the PLATH headquarter


60 years and not a bit quiet – PLATH celebrates its anniversary

PLATH is always on the move. Together we achieved a lot and we are nowhere near done!

Nico Scharfe, CEO PLATH GmbH

Six decades have elapsed since the foundation ...


Study at the PLATH Campus

In September as part of the PLATH Campus series the seminar “Communication and Rhetoric” on expert level took place.

The PLATH Campus series was initiated in ...


How do the holes come into the cheese?

The employees of the PLATH AG got to the bottom of this question during this year’s team event


MOPO team relay race in the city park of Hamburg

PLATH Group startet with seven teams