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24.11.2017 PLATH Career

Cheese fondue for the beginning of fall at the PLATH AG

Summer is over, fall has finally reached the PLATH AG in Switzerland. When the North Germans have their kale, the Swiss have their cheese fondue for this time of the year. So end of October was a wonderful occasion for the employees of PLATH AG in Bern to start the fall/winter season with a fondue together.

So without further ado the break room was turned into a pleasant lunch location for the complete team, also PLATHian Jens from Hamburg joint as a guest. Besides the classic cheese fondue there was also a blüemli- and prosecco fondue. All three different sorts of cheese came from a local dairy, also bread, potatoes and black tea was served. In short: Everything you need was there.

“With this cheese fondue we prepared ourselves quite cosy for the cold season and then also with our colleague from Hamburg!” said PLATH AG employee Doreen. Also Jens, the guest from Hamburg, was enthused “It was really nice to meet up with colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. In Hamburg fondues like that are not very common.” Actually it was the first fondue of the year for all participants, but certainly not the least.