PLATH Career

30.08.2017 PLATH Career

Daughter visits Mother

Selina is an apprentice for office management in her last year at PROCITEC GmbH in Pforzheim, one of PLATHs subsidiaries. Here she writes about her visit at the parent company in Hamburg:

When I was told I am allowed to visit PLATH GmbH in Hamburg in context of my training for one and a half week, I was really excited about this opportunity. Yet I felt a bit queasy, because I have never been in contact with PLATHians before. But this feeling didn’t last long, on my arrival I was welcomed with a warm “Moin Moin”. Until now I could receive a good impression of the daily business of the departments procurement, marketing and accounting. I am delighted about being responsible for my own tasks from the first day on and for the trust everybody has placed in me.

Compared to PROCITEC PLATH is quite big, even after one week I still have problems to orientate myself on the different floors. But all these steps hopefully have a positive effect on my training for the upcoming MoPo team relay race on August 30, 2017 in Hamburg. This run is taken very seriously by the sporty PLATHians as well as the dedicated PROCITEC members.

If you are interested in how the PLATH and PROCITEC Teams performed at the MoPo Team relay race, visit us again. We will publish the results in the next days!