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06.02.2018 PLATH Career

Java User Group Hamburg Meeting

The meeting of the Java User Group Hamburg at PLATH GmbH in the Gotenstraße on November 9 last year was a complete success. The "Eclipse RCP and Mass Data" presentation was well received.

Conrad Groth, Senior Software Developer at PLATH, reported about the development of a large product platform with more than 1 million LOC (Lines Of Code), more than 50 services and an RCP (Rich Client Platform) based product with 40 views that are compiled individually for each customer.

A particular challenge according to Conrad Groth is the programming of the Reactive User Interface. In some cases, service calls must be transported via WAN sections provided by the customer. At the same time, the client must always remain usable and the integrated views must also be available without delay. Specifically, this means: An adjustment is performed in another view and vice versa simultaneously for the selection of an object (signal, frequency, task...) in one view. Groth continues to say that it is very helpful for the user that all UI components are updated right from the start using Push messages. The user always sees the most up-to-date system state without having to do anything himself for this.

The Eclipse RCP system used at PLATH can record up to one million signals per minute. A human user is of course no longer able to process this quantity of signals. Therefore, appropriate consolidation and filtering of the results are essential that are performed in ICAS in the back end, i.e. in the servers.

The evening event provided not only information exchange; it mainly brought Java enthusiasts, interested parties and newcomers together. A continuation for the Hamburg Java Community is in progress. PLATH is in discussion with the organiser of the meeting described here for this. Proposals for topics or organisation as well as registrations are always welcome.