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20.04.2017 PLATH Career

PLATH celebrates stinky Thursday

Carnival is coming to Limassol! The origins of Limassol Carnival can be traced back to the original celebrations held before the fasting period begins. A long held tradition is “Meat Week” – the consumption of meat and wine in the first week of carnival – and the last time for eating meat before Easter. The day the festival starts is also known as “Stinky Thursday” (Tsiknopempti) because of the cooking aromas of meat, which fill the air all over the town.

It´s no surprise then that our software developer team in Limassol starts to get into party mood even before the main carnival parades begin, too!

After a successful recruiting week for another new SCRUM team (starting in April 2017), barbecue started outside the office at 12 o´clock. All colleagues of PLATH and the neighbours of SIGNAL GENERIX celebrated this event together with a lot of meat, halloumi, beer …