PLATH Career

08.08.2017 PLATH Career

PLATHfeet – around the world

At PLATH we all love a fair competition. Unfortunately we already did tossing the caber this year (see Heidelandgames), so we needed to find something new!

Under the motto “PLATHfeet – around the world” all PLATH members are invited to take part in a joint journey by foot. Everybody can join the competition who owns a pedometer. The virtual route is supposed to take us over all PLATH locations up to Cyprus. How long will it take and where will we end up?

We take part in the step counter event pooled in teams and record our steps daily. All steps will be summed up and displayed on a map. Which team lets their pedometers anneal in the end?

The program will continue the whole August and will end with a joint barbecue, of course also to celebrate the winner.

We start going and keep you in the loop!