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16.11.2017 PLATH Career

PLATHian supports NAKO health survey

Nationwide 200.000 participants were invited to take part in the so far largest „NAKO Health Survey“. All participants were chosen randomly by the registration offices and invited by their local study centres, in this case the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf. One of the invitations reached PLATH apprentice Falk, who was excited to be a part of the survey: “It was a great feeling to do something, that is useful for the public interest, together with motivated and nice other people.”

Within the scope of the survey the chosen test persons are examined and have to ask several questions concerning their living conditions. A follow-up examination will be performed after four or five years. The examination program is versatile and takes up to three to five hours, depending ob the examination level. Of course PLATH released Falk from his duties for his participation. Wilfried Hollstegge, Director Human Resources, stated: “Of course we at PLATH support an initiative promoting general interests. For instance we take over the registration and typing costs for PLATHians for the DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Centre), to support the fight against leukaemia.”

The aim of the survey is to investigate, how widespread diseases like cancer, dementia or diabetes occur. Even though there are already several surveys: The exact connection and reasons for all these diseases are still not clarified completely up to this time. The results of the NAKO survey help to improve the health situation in Germany, because they allow the development of new possibilities for prevention, early detection and treatment.