PLATH Career

06.09.2017 PLATH Career

Running smoothly

We stay sporty at PLATH: The 11th MOPO Team Relay Race started on Wednesday, August 30, at 5:30 p.m. Five PLATHians ran five kilometer each as a relay. This year also two teams from the PLATH subsidiaries PROCITEC and EFT also joined the event. As usual, only the team performance counted- at the end only the overall time of the team was recorded. The highlight: Every team received a big and well filled picnic basket for Hamburg’s biggest picnic on the meadows of the city park. Additionally PLATH provided a tent with catering and barbecue for all runners.

PLATH competed with six teams with quite creative names: „Plattfüße“, „Die Unlauffälligen“, „Die Wellenreiter“, „Irrläufer“,“ „Kangaroos“ and the ladies team „Head over Heels, PROCITEC with the teams „Decodierung läuft“ and „Running Queens“. The EFT team had the name „Soldering Iron Men“.

The results are very respectable indeed: Team “Plattfüße” reached place 39 out of 1028 teams, team “Decodierung läuft” place 129. The ladies team “Head over Heels” ran on place 24 out of 52 ladies teams. However the conditions weren’t very friendly for the competitors: Muggy and sticky 28 degrees Celsius were quite uncomfortable, the city park appeared just like a tropical house. PLATHian Steve said: “The weather was the biggest challenge in this case, it was really annoying. Nevertheless it was a great sports event“. Despite all that the good mood survived: „The mood within all runners was amazing, it was so much fun! The team spirit was great, also with PROCITEC and EFT, that was really supporting and fresh motivation on the last meters”, said PLATH runner Sandra. The picnic after the run was – just like last year – a nice way to finish the event.

By the way, all participants started for a good cause: The PSD Bank Nord donated 10 Euros to „Stadtpark Verein Hamburg e.V.“ for every team that registered for the MOPO team relay race. The “Stadtpark Verein” and the district Hamburg-North with support of the PSD Bank set up a tree nature trail to show especially children the biodiversity of trees. In total this commitment raised about 115.000,- Euros, which allows enlarging the nature trail every year. This year’s MOPO race earned a donation of 135.000,- Euros for a lot of new trees!