PLATH Career

03.07.2017 PLATH Career

Showing a little leg:
PLATH at Hei(de)land Games 2017

“If you don’t like Scottish weather, wait five minutes, and it is likely to change.” – the Scottish saying describes this year’s Hei(de)land Games from June 2nd – 4th in Hermannsburg (Lueneburg Heath) very well. In changeable weather conditions PLATH participated with 28 employees divided in four teams (three male teams and the women’s team Goten-Girls) in the competition. The numerous PLATH members lead other competitors to the description “the green flood”, the Goten Clans and Goten Girls in their green shirts were seen all over the spectacle. Of course kilts completed the perfect outfit. In particular the gentlemen liked the unusual airy legroom for being comfortable. Also towards evening appearing mosquitos fancied the outfits.

All teams passed eleven competitions, amongst others Sheaf Toss, Tug-o-war, Curved Farmer’s Walk or Barrel Rolls. As every year a new competition was added to the program: Nessie Rafting was a nice variation. PLATH member Patricia was most enthusiastic about the good atmosphere during the competitions: „All teams cheered and encouraged each other enthusiastically, that was great! Some even lost their voices”.

Who was still able to speak in the evening could easily change that with singing along to one of the numerous Scottish/Irish Bands. The supporting programme created a vivid festival atmosphere. Suckling pig, meat skewer, whisky and Scottish/Irish beers provided a great and inter-divisional party. Even when it came to dancing PLATH members appeared more than talented. Anne, Captain of the Goten-Girls, nailed it: “It was so much fun, although it was physically quite tough. Above all it was a great opportunity to get closer acquainted with colleagues, with whom you usually don’t have contact.” The good atmosphere remained even aside the competition. „Beeing all accomodated in the same hotel had something of a school trip – in any case we all laughed a lot“, said Daniela, who also got involved in the Hei(de)land Games organization team.

The Hei(de)land Games are sporty competitions based on the model of the traditional Scottish Highland Games. Only amateur teams with at least five members each fight in several disciplines to win, all dressed with kilts. Besides the athletic challenge fun and fairness are paramount. A large supporting program including live music makes the event a highlight in this region.