PLATH Career

13.11.2017 PLATH Career

Temporary PLATHian as student intern

My name is Thomas, currently I am an eleventh grader at the Lessing-Gymnasium in Norderstedt, absolving a two weeks internship at PLATH in the heart of Hamburg. PLATH became my number one wish for my internship because of my mother, who's an employee at PLATH EFT, telling me about products and her experiences at PLATH.

Right at my first day I was welcomed at the reception and accompanied to visit my first department, human resources. The employees took their time to explain everything in detail to me, even though I have no expertise in this business. I was glad that they put the trust in me to help them with some tasks.

The internship is really interesting, because of the switch between the departments, which shows the variety of the company. I could already take some impressions of the Human Recources department and of the Marketing department, my next steps are Logistics, Procurement, Quality Assurance and Controlling. I am looking forward to the next steps of my internship.