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Our day of superheroes

Girls‘ & Boys‘ Day at PLATH

On 28.03.2019 the Girls' & Boys' Day took place once again in our house, which should make it possible especially for the girls to get a taste of the still predominantly male-dominated occupational fields.

10 kids - 6 girls and 4 boys - took part this year to get to know the world of Sofie Software and Hardy Hardware. With the energetic support of two colleagues - Nadine and Alexander - Janine, Employer-Branding Specialist at PLATH GmbH, was able to create an eventful and extremely successful day for all participants.

The highlights of the day were two workshops in which the girls and boys were introduced to software and hardware in a playful way. In the workshops, the kids had the opportunity, on the one hand, to make their first programming attempts under Nadine's guidance in the context of a small online game and, on the other hand, to assemble electronic kits with Alexander's help and then test them for their faultless function.

"We're all about these two areas - hardware and software. These two components make up our product solutions, with which we make the world a safe place," says Janine. "However, the proportion of women in both departments is still lower than in other work areas of PLATH. That's why we want to use the Girls' & Boys' Day regularly to interest girls in these more male-dominated areas from an early age".

And that actually worked, as it turned out at the end of the day. Not only the boys were thrilled, but also the girls. Even a blister, which was caused by a soldering iron despite the safety introduction, could not stop a participant from finishing her kit. "This is what true passion looks like! If we could evoke this, we did everything right," Janine is pleased to say.

For farewell the participants got a small surprise gift. One father reported: "When my other son, who was allowed to get to know my wife's company that day, listened to the stories in the evening and saw the surprise, he only said: "So that's clear, next year I will also go to PLATH!"

Nadine and Alexander also had a lot of fun during the day. Nadine is even a little surprised: "I never thought I'd have so much fun, but the kids were so interested and wanted to learn something new. Next year I'll try something different. I even already have an idea."

Well, then we're curious what the Girls' & Boys' Day 2020 will bring.

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