05/23/2019 | Career | PLATH GmbH

PLATH was there - at the Hamburg Innovation Summit 2019

The HHIS is the platform for innovation transfer – top actors of the innovation scene get inspired by knowledge- and technology-based innovations and learn new things about current megatrends. In addition to the CONFERENCE and hands on workshops in the ACADEMY part, there was an interactive EXPO at the HHIS.

As a Hamburg-based company with a long tradition and as the technology leader in the field of communications engineering, we presented the PLATH Group on 23 May at the EXPO in the fish auction hall.

And how do you reach visitors with products that require a lot of explanation, such as those developed, produced and distributed by PLATH? We sought a dialogue with the topic that is central to the PLATH Group and is of increasing importance to all of us: "Technologies for security". The feedback ranged from very practical ideas, such as the "airbag for cyclists", to well-known everyday media such as "Google", "Facebook" and "WhatsApp", to the high-tech sector with "drones" and "block chain". For sure, another company will have to develop the bicycle airbag, because our expertise lies in communication intelligence with one goal in mind: To protect and prevent.

We were very pleased about the numerous impulses and the resulting discussions at HHIS 2019.


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