08/19/2019 | PLATH Group

Successfully on target at the MOPO relay race

It has become a PLATH Group tradition, with 30 active runners and many supporters taking part in the MOPO relay race in glorious sunshine in Hamburg’s city park this August. Once more, PLATH had ordered a large tent, with its own barbecue chef, where runners and fans were provided with plenty to eat and drink. Our tent was directly at the start and had the best views of the exchange zone.

A total of 1,084 teams started the race. The fastest PLATH team was the “Gestiefelten Kater” (Puss-in-boots) team, who arrived in the 131st place in the overall ranking, timed at 02:01:29. The other five PLATH teams then reached the finishing line with a minute between them. These were excellent timings - congratulations to all runners!

Many thanks to our company management for their extensive sponsorship of the entry fees and runners’ shirts as well as the whole infrastructure with tent, catering and service for everyone involved!

Sport has a big role in the daily routine at PLATH – we love challenging each other, be it with running or counting our steps. That’s why we are looking forward to the next activities – with plenty of participation from the PLATH Group!

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