12/13/2019 | PLATH Group

PLATH goes Hip-Hop

Instead of "Ho ho ho", the joint Christmas party of PLATH GmbH, PLATH EFT GmbH and testwerk GmbH had funky beats. The motto of this year's party was "Street Art". Together with "musicworks", the party committee made up of committed colleagues has organised a very special hip-hop event.

In the afternoon, under the guidance of professional coaches, four forms of street culture were tested in various workshops - rap, beatboxing, breakdance and street drums. The coaches, each professional in his field, quickly introduced the participants to their genre and rehearsed a performance with them.

The evening event then began with a sumptuous buffet and culminated in the closing show, in which each workshop team presented its performance.

The rappers started off with a self-written PLATH rap to the music "New York" of Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. Rap verses like "Our mission is to protect and prevent - we work hard hand in hand" and "We don't need beautification - we're already a sensation" brought the audience into hip-hop mood. Then it was the turn of the beatboxers. Great beatbox songs like "Billy Jean" and "Ice Ice Baby" were created from parallel performed sounds like "Sumsum", "böse Katze, böse Katze" and "tz tz tz". The audience was carried away by the exuberant atmosphere. Afterwards the break dancers brought their learned choreography to the stage. Two groups of colleagues faced each other and played an entertaining breakdance battle. The street drummers took over the stage at the end. After their song performance for "Price Tag" by Jessie J, they drummed heavily on the street drums with so-called "Boomwhackers" (tuned plastic pipes). The enthusiasm was written in the faces of the spectators and an encore was demanded with thunderous applause.

After the successful show, nobody could escape the party atmosphere - the dance floor was opened. For those who needed a little break from dancing, there was the popular photo box with all sorts of accessories for dressing up.

We would like to thank the Christmas Party Committee, “musicworks” and all street art artists who made the evening an unforgettable event. It was a lot of fun. We are looking forward to the events in 2020!

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