06 Jan 2021 | PLATH Group

Attracting future colleagues via radio message

How can we find suitable candidates for our company? That’s a question many HR departments ask themselves on a daily basis. We at PLATH are no exception. The classic routes are well known: posting job adverts both on- and offline and attending career fairs and networking events – obviously, the latter were not really possible during the past year. But we’ve also come up with some new and slightly more unconventional recruiting methods.

The idea: why don’t we ourselves make use of the very technology that we develop and sell? For recruiting purposes! And that’s how the recruiting radio message was born. A colleague explored the idea and, within a short period of time, set up a transmitter with an antenna. The signal is broadcast on a frequency of 6990 kHz – it can be heard across Europe and decoded anywhere with the suitable, free software.

The recruiting radio message allows us to reach exactly those people who know the subject, enjoy it and who might also be looking for a new professional challenge.

The station is on-air and since its inception has already generated lively positive discussions. We have received responses from many different countries, including from a number of potential applicants.

Want to know the encrypted message? Find out for yourself – we transmit every hour from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Have fun and maybe see you soon at PLATH!

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