23 May 2017 | PLATH Corporation GmbH

Between vocational school, „raspberry pie“ and everyday life at PLATH GmbH

Falk completes currently a vocational training as IT specialist for application development, Jannik as IT specialist for system integration. After a common introduction time, which lasted almost half a year and in which they were able to get familiar with different professional areas at PLATH, they already have their own workplace in those departments where they could be employed in after they finished their training programme – Falk in the department of software development, Jannik in the department customer service. Because next to the transfer of knowledge that is needed for the training, it is very important to us, that both work as integrated team members right from the beginning while they simultaneously experience and form our working routines in the daily togetherness.

“The first four months at PLATH encourage me that I made the right choice”, summarizes Falk his first impressions and experiences. Jannik agrees with his evaluation.

Most recently, both of them were involved in the integration of a Raspberry Pi into the PLATH company network – pronounced like the English name for raspberry pie – confronted with a real technological challenge, just like they will experience it after their training on a regular basis at PLATH. The major intent was on the one hand to acquire new skills and knowledge and on the other hand to profit from the knowledge of experienced colleagues and to exchange views. “When I need help, there’s always someone I can ask and information is shared willingly”, Falk realizes. By the way, this is not only valid for the project work but for the entire training period at PLATH.

In spite of the entire studying one thing is not to be forgotten: fun during the training programme. Therefore, in the second training year, we plan an exchange with apprentices within the PLATH group and support a stay abroad in the USA, organized by the vocational school. Additionally, we will further explore the possibilities for a stay abroad which offers Limassol (Cyprus) as new PLATH-location. Further reports will follow!

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