17 Aug 2017 | PLATH Group

Halftime for PLATHfeet

We started a little survey to find out the formula for success to gain a big bunch of steps: Some enlarge their dog-walking or jogging tours in the evening. Others change their daily routines to include more steps, they avoid escalators and elevators in favor of stairs; leave the bus or the subway one or two stations earlier to walk the rest back home. Another approach is to change „Netflix and Chill“ to „fresh air and running shoes“, or – also very daring – transform the silent partnership with the gym into an active membership. But also weekend trips to the zoo or to a theme park are rewarded with a lot of steps. Also a bike ride can be replaced with a hiking tour.

Employees who are physically active in general gain steps with their regular training in sports clubs (e.g. soccer, handball, tennis). There are some exceedingly sporty PLATHians, whose training for the Ironman in Hamburg bestowed them with a lot of kilometres.

Even partying in a club one can fill up the steps account quite easily: Just leave the barstool and go to the dancefloor. It goes without saying that you walk the distance to the location on foot. By the way: There is not only coffee to go, nowadays also cocktails to go! Every way becomes more relaxed with a caipirinha to go…

As an interim result we can point out some of the achievements of our PLATHfeet challenge: Team members motivate and encourage each other to vanquish the inner temptation. That affects the free time as well, most of us are more often on the move, which – besides all the known effects on the personal health – also supports relaxation and stress relief. Additionally the competition between the teams pushes everybody to walk a few steps further than planned. In any case this event creates a wonderful and cross-functional topic of conversation, which leads us to more movement and provides a lot of funny talks and anecdotes.

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