30 Apr 2018 | PLATH Group

PLATH – full house in the "Große Freiheit" and top form without doping for over 10 years

On Friday 20/04/2018, the time had come again – more than 50 participants defied the high summer temperatures and met in the "Große Freiheit" for the annual highlight – the games afternoon. Some participants were extraordinarily well prepared and already decided in the morning for a carbohydrate-rich breakfast of porridge, bananas and raisins to prepare themselves professionally and optimally for this competition. The event started at 4 p.m. with great fun, which was coupled with a good portion of ambition and thrill. Not only the employees, the chairman of the board of directors, Thomas Scharfe, and the management of PLATH and PLATH EFT but also some pensioners of the group played. As well as the Poker, Skat, Rummy, Doppelkopf and Yahtzee game stations, there were also alternative board games such as "Zombiecide", "Ohne Furcht und Adel (Cladels)" etc., whose victory was not crowned with a trophy, but nevertheless enjoyed great popularity.

The PLATHians and employees of PLATH EFT GmbH from almost all departments (Purchasing, Development, HR, Quality Assurance, Facilities Management, Legal, Sales etc.) laughed and played a lot and at the end the new trophy winners were chosen. The "historic" Skat trophy, on which all plaques with the corresponding winners from previous years are already noted, was retained by Mr. Thomas Scharfe.

We say thank you for perfect organisational performance in the areas of game planning, decoration, drinks and delicious snacks – the sum of which provided an authentic game atmosphere and an exuberant atmosphere.

We are already looking forward to the challenge of the next games event and to bringing the trophies "back home" …

The placements:

Rummy: Elisabeth (PLATH GmbH)
Doppelkopf: Christian (PLATH EFT GmbH)
Yahtzee: Anne-Kathrin (PLATH GmbH)
Poker: John (PLATH EFT GmbH)
Skat: Eckhard (PLATH EFT GmbH)

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