12 Jul 2017 | PLATH Group

PLATH goes Retro Arcade: „Greetings, programs!“

Although PLATH actually stands for High-tech, the motto of the event rather goes back to the roots: PLATH goes Retro Arcade. These 80’s gaming machines still have a lot of fans today, also amongst us. Hence employees from nearly all departments (development, quality management, procurement, house service, sales and legal) took their time to build such a retro gaming machine. However, even Kevin Flynn realized in TRON (1982) “On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy”. Well – that turned out to be true. They screwed, glued, measured, cabled and soldered until after just six hours of hard work a true icon of the 80s was finally ready. “It was important for us to recover a classic, which excited so many of us at the time. Such an Arcade machine is a real relict of the 80s”, said PLATH employee Kay.

Unfortunately there was not enough time for the originally planned Arcade competition, but that didn’t really bother anyone this afternoon. PLATH member Felix said “The retro theme was picked up quite perfectly and created an authentic gaming atmosphere”. Besides it’s a great opportunity for a new event, and we are looking forward to it!

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