28 Jul 2017 | PLATH Corporation GmbH

PLATH Summer Party 2017 – Operation Flamingo successful

On a Friday mid-July the time has come: An Email informed the drawn teams about the order to go into action, Operation Flamingo had started. Firstly a complicated morse code had to be decrypted, which included a hint for further information. Thanks to our many experts, the code was decrypted quite fast. After a short walk an informant handed over new information in an inconspicuously brown envelope, of course also encrypted, this time as a rebus. Incidentally the teams were recognized by their particularly discreet distinctive mark: every team carried a pink flamingo with them.

The brown envelope led to another place in Hamburg. After having arrived here, again new complicated riddles and tasks had to be solved. Equipped with a solution number and another place, the teams – and of course the flamingos – went on, to solve the last part of the quest. The solution waited in the museum of the foundation Wasserkunst Elbinsel Kaltehofe. After arriving her, finally all the different solutions of the several teams resulted in the solution of the big quest.

The exhausting investigative work was finally rewarded with some culinary delights from a lavish buffet and barbecue. The patio of Café Kaltehofe was a wonderful place to chat in relaxed atmosphere about different stations of the teams or just talk and enjoy some cold drinks. PLATH member Sandra said “That’s a nice event, especially because you meet other employees from different departments. With some employees you usually have just very few contacts in everyday work.” Some also used the offer and played Disc Golf in the area, a mixture of miniature golf and Frisbee. For most of us the day ended on the dancefloor, thanks to a DJ, who created the right party mood.

To sum it up, operation flamingo was a complete success.

By the way parallels between PLATHians and flamingos are not very unreasonable: Flamingos are loners, which gather in colonies. As so called dependency breeders they search the proximity to other animals and are very rare seen as individual breeders. The common PLATHian itself is likewell an individual and special type, who’s colony makes him feel comfortable and enables him to act in top form. Inside his colony he breeds out the best ideas, uses the swarm intelligence and presents perfect solutions.

However, he rarely thereby stands on one leg.

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