27 Aug 2018 | PLATH Group

PLATHfeet 2.0 – the challenge goes into the next round

To enable all interested parties to take part, as well as creating fair competitive conditions, the participants were equipped with a fitness strap for the PLATHfeet 2.0 campaign.

The starting shot for the four-week campaign was fired on 27.08.2018. The captains of each cross-departmental, cross-locational and cross-national team record the steps run every day and report these at regular intervals. The organisation team keeps us up to date on the current ranking each week (Which team has the edge? Who is just behind them?) and shows the sum of all the steps on a map, to document the virtual journey.

With twice as many participants compared with last year, it shouldn't be difficult to exceed the 33,918,216 total number of steps from 2017 – perhaps we’ll even get all the way round the world this time!

Some teams have set themselves high targets – and motivate each other with team t-shirts and badges or meet for runs or walks together in their free time. Either way, there’s no shortage of athletic ambition in the PLATH Group!

For all the participants in Hamburg, Norderstedt, Salem, Pforzheim, Bern and Limassol, Every Step Counts! is the name of the game from now on.

We’ll be giving you a “running commentary” here over the next few weeks and we’re already looking forward to the grand finale.

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