16 Feb 2018 | PLATH Corporation GmbH

They Next Christmas Party Always Starts the Day after the Last One

As always, each of the 130 employees who attended only knew where to meet – this year it was Hamburg's Überseebrücke – and the starting time of 3.30 pm. The party began at a floating Christmas market on board the MS Klein Fritzchen with mulled wine and pastries and a breath-taking view of Hamburg at Christmas.

After a two-hour boat-tour of the port, the ship anchored at the Neumühlen/Övelgönne jetty and the group was taken back to the "View Eleven" location at the Elbstrand beach.

There, the "PLATHianer" got a red-carpet welcome – "Honour to whom honour is due!" – from Hollywood legends Captain Jack Sparrow, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Leia Organa and Lara Croft. This unforgettable moment was recorded for posterity in many souvenir photos and selfies for autograph books.

Not content with preparing the perfect evening, the fantastic event team of PLATHianer Marana, Silvio, Stefan, Falk and Merten also personally accompanied the employees through an entertaining evening.

For the first time in the history of PLATH Christmas parties, there was a seating plan – and it worked! The randomly-selected groups of employees from various departments ended up as very diverse groups who don't usually mix during working hours.

Master of ceremonies Silvio made an entertaining compere during the evening and also compered the highlight of the event – presenting the PLATH Awards. Here he displayed unsuspected entertainment skills – he must have been a gifted entertainer in a previous life. Overall there were ten PLATH Awards and three employees were nominated in each category, including the "Golden Locks Award" for the PLATH employee with the most attractive hairdo, the "Commuter Award" for the employee with the longest commuting distance, the Most Successful Sportsman or Sportswoman, the "Best Dressed" PLATHianer and many more.

The buffet provided during the awards even surprised the gourmets among the employees and left nothing to be desired.

After the meal, a first-class DJ provided good dance music for the dancefloor which looked out over the water's edge. As usual at PLATH parties, the dancefloor was put to good use; for non-dancers, table soccer and a photo stall provided attractive alternatives.

About 3.00 am, even the hardiest dancers gradually got tired and the last of the "PLATHianer" made their way home. We're already curious to see what's on the programme for Christmas 2018 and are looking forward to the next party!

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