On the Move

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The PLATH Group has a lot to offer. Various events take place regularly within the respective companies or across the board. Whether summer festivals or Christmas parties, fondue or barbecue evenings or a variety of sports events such as the annual PLATHFüße Group Challenge.

There are many opportunities with us – also beyond the professional exchange – to come together and have fun. Gain a first impression of our events and campaigns in the following news and let the diversity we live in and the strong sense of togetherness have an effect on you.

23 May 2017 | PLATH Corporation GmbH

Between vocational school, „raspberry pie“ and everyday life at PLATH GmbH

What is actually behind an education at PLATH? While our two trainees still could exchange personal experiences with former alumni of the PLATH training programme in the course of the selection days,…

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20 Apr 2017 | PLATH Group

PLATH celebrates stinky Thursday

Carnival is coming to Limassol! The origins of Limassol Carnival can be traced back to the original celebrations held before the fasting period begins.

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23 Mar 2017 | PLATH Corporation GmbH

Celebrations at PLATH

A member of the management board of the PLATH GmbH has recently celebrated his 10th anniversary and therefore invited the entire PLATH staff for a lunch in the recreation room "Große Freiheit".

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22 Feb 2017 | PLATH Group

Learning to deal with the heat

At the end of the internal management trainee program "Fit4Future – Specialists", which was successfully completed by the ten participants, a cooking event together with the management took place at…

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