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The PLATH Group has a lot to offer. Various events take place regularly within the respective companies or across the board. Whether summer festivals or Christmas parties, fondue or barbecue evenings or a variety of sports events such as the annual PLATHFüße Group Challenge.

There are many opportunities with us – also beyond the professional exchange – to come together and have fun. Gain a first impression of our events and campaigns in the following news and let the diversity we live in and the strong sense of togetherness have an effect on you.

18 Oct 2019 | PLATH Group

Millions of steps for a good cause

The PLATHfüße Challenge 2019

21 teams with a total of 208 participants had registered for this year's PLATHfüße Challenge. The participants had a lot of fun in the virtual-fictional retro world…

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03 Oct 2019 | PROCITEC GmbH

20 years PROCITEC

Together with business partners, employees and their guests, PROCITEC celebrated its 20th anniversary in October 2019 with an excursion to Hornberg Castle in the Black Forest.

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04 Sep 2019 | PLATH Group

Our 2019 PLATH summer party with the best view … and luckily on a sunny day

In August PLATH GmbH, PLATH EFT GmbH and testwerk GmbH celebrated together the summer party for the first time. The colleagues arrived in the afternoon already to spend a great time together and toast…

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21 Aug 2019 | PLATH AG

Full concentration and team spirit during urban golfing

The annual summer party of PLATH AG started with a sporting team event.

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