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The PLATH Group has a lot to offer. Various events take place regularly within the respective companies or across the board. Whether summer festivals or Christmas parties, fondue or barbecue evenings or a variety of sports events such as the annual PLATHFüße Group Challenge.

There are many opportunities with us – also beyond the professional exchange – to come together and have fun. Gain a first impression of our events and campaigns in the following news and let the diversity we live in and the strong sense of togetherness have an effect on you.

19 Nov 2018 | PROCITEC GmbH

PROCITEC is developing its expertise in financial controlling

Michelle D. has concluded her dual course of study to become a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), specialising in accounting and financial controlling, with great success at PROCITEC.

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27 Aug 2018 | PLATH Group

PLATHfeet 2.0 – the challenge goes into the next round

The first edition of the PLATHfeet Around the World step challenge last year was an enormous success. Many participants, and unbelievably many steps, led the PLATH Group on a virtual journey as far as…

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17 Aug 2018 | PLATH Group

5,000 runners in 1,000 Teams – with the PLATH Group in the thick of it and far in front!

Unbelievably athletic! The annual Hamburg MOPO team relay race started at 5.30 pm. on Wednesday 15 August 2018. The PLATH Group took part this year with six teams of five runners.

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18 Jul 2018 | PLATH Corporation GmbH

The 2018 PLATH Championship – a summer festival with a World Cup theme

And here, too, the Germany team was missing from the final ... There was plenty of sport at this year’s PLATH summer festival. Football was given a creative spin in the 2018 PLATH Championship.

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