PLATH Career

What we offer

A group of companies that is as flexible and versatile as PLATH can offer you many opportunities to realize your professional ambitions. Whether you are a university student eager for practical experience, a recent graduate just starting your career or an experienced expert looking for new challenges – we can offer you an entry point and development path that is right for you.

In PLATH you will be working in a challenging and dynamic market that will again and again confront you with new challenges. As a technology- and innovation-driven company, we offer a wide range of varied and exciting tasks especially for computer scientists, engineers and technology-oriented business management graduates. You will take on responsibility for your field of duties from the outset.

Responsibility is not a one-way street at PLATH. We are committed to responsible interaction. So we support you with a wide variety of offers for personal development and life stage design, such as

  • Staff reviews, including setting objectives and creating perspectives and activities for personal development
  • In-house and external professional training
  • Offers for personal development in the context of our PLATH campus
  • Leadership development programs for junior and senior managers
  • Cooperation with selected universities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Working from home
  • Opportunities to earn extra holidays
  • Provisions for sabbaticals
  • Health promotion schemes
  • Arrangements for financial support for childcare
  • Individual pension plans

Our working culture is based on intensive teamwork, mutual respect and open communication. The most important aspects, which guide our practice on a daily basis, are firmly enshrined in our guidelines for employees.

Join our team – become a PLATHian!