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Make the world a safer place

The PLATH Group is one of Europe’s leading suppliers and technological pioneers in the field of data-driven crisis prevention. Headquartered in Hamburg, the family-run Group comprises medium-sized companies and is divided into five highly specialised business divisions.

What we share is our drive to support our customers with optimal systems and products – whether on land, at sea, in the air or in cyberspace. We thus help our customers around the globe to fulfil their security assignment with expertise and a foundation of trust.

We as an employer for your career

Great working atmosphere

Working together as colleagues is what makes working at PLATH so special. Because we work as a team, valuing the contribution of each individual, pulling together, sharing knowledge and supporting each other.

Innovative technologies

Products from the PLATH Group have been market leaders for 70 years. In order to remain at the highest technical level, we work daily with innovative processes, experience, personal passion and the best third-party components the market has to offer.

With social commitment

PLATH supports the work of the DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Centre) and covers the costs of any typing requested. On our regular Social Days, we volunteer in our regular working hours in the neighbourhood or in the region, where helping hands and energy are needed.

Your Benefits

PLATH offers many benefits. Here we show just four of them. You can find more on the subpage.

Further training

CAMPUS@PLATH supports you in your professional and personal development - with onboarding courses, external training or coaching.

Flexible working hours

Different phases of life require customised working time models - whether parental leave or for other reasons. Stay flexible with us!

Health promotion

Precautions for office workstations, in-house massage appointments and good office chairs, fruit or pharmacy delivery service - we want you to stay he

Jobticket or petrol vouchers

We subsidise a Deutschland-Ticket for bus and train passengers - car drivers receive petrol vouchers from us.

Professions at the PLATH Group

How can I get involved?

There are many different professional fields within the PLATH Group that require different qualifications and experience. We present them here.

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Working at PLATH

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PLATH Group - why it´s great to work here and impressions of our work culture

There are many good reasons for this.

The most important are our employees, who represent a wide range of nationalities and enrich our company with their unique backgrounds, experiences, identities and personalities.

Discover other reasons such as the easy implementation of innovative ideas, the sharing of knowledge, the joint work on solutions and the very high technical level, the international environment, company events or the collegial atmosphere. In the film, our colleagues tell us what makes PLATH special for them.

Members of the PLATH Group

These companies are part of the PLATH Group.

Entry opportunities

Career prospects

Do you want to make things happen? So do we. Do you want even more responsibility? No problem. Your further development with us is secured. We make decisions together and completely individually.

Experienced Professionals

START & GROW - that is our motto. You contribute your theoretical and practical knowledge as well as your fresh ideas - we support you all the way.

Open positions


START & GROW - that is our motto. You contribute your theoretical and practical knowledge as well as your fresh ideas - we support you all the way.

Open positions

Students - Internship & Student Traineeship

There are regular opportunities for students to gain their first practical experience as working students or compulsory interns.

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Final Theses

In addition to internships or working student jobs, you can also organise your thesis with us in a particularly practical way.

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Our application process

What you can expect


Online application

You find a suitable position and apply online - also on your own initiative!



You will receive confirmation from us that your application has been received.


Selection process

We screen the applications received and match them with the requirements of the position



We invite suitable applicants to an interview.

Interview Process

From the initial contact to the signing of the employment contract, we rely on transparent procedures and intensive interviews to ensure that both the skills and personality of the applicant fit in with our corporate culture.

  • Invitation to an initial interview by telephone
  • Two or three interviews to get to know each other
  • Completion of a case study to apply experience and knowledge in practice


Your onboarding (whether remote or on-site) is a high priority for us, as a well thought-out and professional induction will help you to quickly find your feet both professionally and within the company. You will receive a START@PLATH package (Welcome Package) from us, consisting of the most important information and documents for the start as well as your individual induction plan, which also serves as a checklist and provides you with an overview of the content to be learnt during the first six months.

You will be accompanied by a mentor throughout the entire induction period, who will provide you with advice and support.  

You will take part in initial CAMPUS@PLATH training courses to familiarise yourself with the basic topics of our industry and technology and get to know colleagues in your future interface areas.

Talent Talks and personal development plans, PE(P)

Regular joint meetings in the management circle together with the HR department on the topic of personnel development in their own team (Talent Talks) serve as an exchange platform to supplement the perception of the individual team members with that of their management colleagues and thus broaden the perspective accordingly. In this way, the most objective view possible of the individual strengths, competences and, of course, the professional development aspirations of each employee is guaranteed at all times. Over the course of the year, regular discussions between managers and employees serve to monitor and review the development plan and supplement it with useful measures such as training and coaching.


If you work for us in a management role, you will automatically be included in our LEADERSHIP programme. As part of this programme, our managers - regardless of whether they are new or have been in this role for some time - receive regular support in the form of individual support and development meetings as well as joint workshops and training sessions. Various key topics such as dialogue management, team development and conflict management are addressed in this context and worked through in a solution-oriented manner.

The trusting and constructive dialogue between management colleagues and the associated ability to look beyond their own horizons enable networking that extends beyond departmental and company boundaries, which is extremely valuable for successful collaboration - not just for the individual manager, but for the entire PLATH Group.


With us, you will find passionate, open-minded colleagues with a broad spectrum of academic backgrounds, different work experiences, perspectives and ways of thinking and from 13 nations. They all bring valuable professional experience that they can bring to the table.  

Our professionals (both experienced and managers) have typically gathered technical knowledge from various fields, as our sophisticated high-end technology requires a certain level of expertise. Our successful managers at PLATH include, for example, graduates or PhDs in physics, mathematics, computer science or electrical engineering/communications engineering.

In most cases, our juniors already have initial experience in the respective fields of work - be it through internships, working student activities and/or other work phases. They are characterised above all by a thirst for knowledge and ambition, as they do not hold back with their questions and ideas.

Excellent written and spoken German is a prerequisite for working with us, as our corporate language is German. A very good to good knowledge of English is also essential in all areas.

You can simply apply online. If you have any questions about your application, please get in touch with the relevant HR contact person.

We will of course reimburse your travelling expenses. After the interview, please send us the original receipts for your travel expenses, stating your bank details. When booking, please note that in accordance with our travel policy, 2nd class Deutsche Bahn tickets can be submitted (1st class tickets are also accepted for journeys of more than 350 kilometres). If you are travelling by car, we will reimburse you €0.30 per kilometre up to a maximum distance of 200 km or a maximum of the cost of a corresponding train ticket. If you can only travel by plane, we will reimburse the cost of the flight in the cheapest economy class.


Your onboarding is a high priority for us, as a well thought-out and professional induction will help you to quickly find your feet both professionally and within the company. You will receive a START@PLATH package (Welcome Package) from us, consisting of the most important information and documents for your start as well as your personalised induction plan.

Regular jour fixes, stand-ups and team meetings take place in all teams, where current topics and tasks are discussed and general feedback is given. You will receive detailed feedback in our annual and half-yearly appraisals, which take place between you and your line manager. These meetings serve to exchange ideas and continuously plan your individual development. Of course, all discussions and meetings are not a one-way street - we would like you to contribute your ideas, wishes and feedback here too.

Get in contact with us!

Do you have any questions about our entry options or our application process? Or would you like to get talking to us anyway? Then get in touch with us.

I would like to evaluate career options with you and look forward to getting to know you. Please feel free to apply directly or give me a call.
Joelle Kayser,

Recruiting Manager

Recruiting Manager

phone: +49 40 237 34-366