Culture & Benefits

Robust. Honest. PLATH.

As a medium-sized Hanseatic company with a global success story, PLATH clearly focuses on one thing: the collegial atmosphere. We are convinced that this is crucial for the satisfaction of our colleagues and thus also for the quality of our work and the corresponding results. Therefore, we take many actions to ensure that this atmosphere persists and that each of the more than 200 people from different countries at the headquarters feels comfortable and can contribute their strengths.

Everyone knows everyone - that is our motto. We therefore attach great importance to open cooperation and regular exchange via various meeting formats, but of course also across corridors, departments and companies.

Our diverse PLATH events in particular are an expression of our open and diverse culture.

Our high-end technology should also be among the best of the best in the future. Creativity, innovation, knowledge transfer and networking are therefore very high on our list of priorities.

PLATH offers many benefits and has something suitable for everyone– but like many others, our portfolio of benefits is regularly updated as needed. And we are open to suggestions.

Drinks, fruit & snacks

In addition to free coffee varieties (fully automatic JURA machines), teas and water, seasonal organic fruit is provided weekly. If you also feel like having something sweet or soft drinks, you are welcome to use our snack & beverage vending machines.

Company pension scheme

We support our colleagues in their pension provision in two possible ways: The direct insurance or the pension fund. The amounts are deducted monthly or as a one-off payment directly from the salary.

Travel connections

The central location of PLATH in Hamburg's City South guarantees perfect connections by bus and train. The transit stops Hammerbrook and Berliner Tor are only a few minutes walk away. Commuters by car can use the vacant parking spaces in the surrounding area or rent fixed parking spaces nearby at a fair price.

JobTicket & fuel vouchers

PLATH has two aces up its sleeve so that our colleagues can optimise the way to work in their own individual way: Bus and train travellers can subscribe to an HVV ProfiTicket, and car users can support their journeys with fuel vouchers. Both options are subsidised monthly by PLATH.

Social involvement

PLATH supports the work of the DKMS (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei) (German Bone Marrow Donor Database) and assumes the costs incurred for each desired typing. Information about the typing process and any stem cell donation based on it can be found on the DKMS website:


The recommendation of your friends or acquaintances as new colleagues is worth "cash money" to us. All open positions are announced via the company's intranet. The job advertisements can be forwarded directly to friends and acquaintances via the individual social media channels. If your recommendation results in an appointment, you can look forward to a generous bonus.

Flexible working hours and holidays

Different phases of life require adapted working time models - whether during parental leave or for other private reasons. You can arrange your working hours flexibly, taking into account your everyday working life. If you occasionally have the desire for a sabbatical, we also have appropriate models for this. Whenever necessary, we also make mobile working possible.

PLATH offers 30 days holiday per calendar year. If necessary and after internal examination, holidays can be exchanged for more salary or bought the other way round against payment.

Corporate benefits

Well-known providers make their products and services available at special conditions on our corporate benefits platform. The advantage for our colleagues - they receive significant discounts on high-quality products and services. The range of attractive offers is expanded monthly by new providers and offers.

PLATH also gives you the opportunity to sign up for Car2Go and DriveNow at no cost. For Car2Go, you also receive a fixed credit for the start.

Individual and professional further training

CAMPUS@PLATH supports you in your professional and personal development. It makes you fit for the diverse and exciting challenges in your everyday life - whether through onboarding training, in which experienced colleagues impart essential knowledge and answer questions with their expert knowledge, or via specific external training and coaching, which are individually selected and tailored.

Do new projects and diverse challenges strengthen your desire for professional development? Your manager clarifies the specific need with you and initiates an appropriate further training format for you.

Diverse events

Museum tours, lectures, company celebrations, game evenings, team challenges, company runs or the Friday "Treff ab Vier" (meeting from four) bring us together regularly - also for a match at the beloved kickers or at the arcade machine. One of the centrepieces of the Hamburg office is our Social Room: The "Große Freiheit" (German for "Great Freedom") This not only hosts the regular "Wednesday Round", in which news and project status updates are presented by the company management, but also the New Year's Breakfast, which is organised every year at the beginning of a financial year by the company management for the entire circle of colleagues.

Health promotion

With regular in-house massage appointments, our necks and backs are relaxed in no time at all. PLATH supports this relaxation with a financial allowance. Additional comfort is provided by height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs.

Our colleagues are regularly invited by our company doctor's practice with branches in three districts of Hamburg to take part in preventive medical check-ups - among other things for optimum adjustment of the computer workstation. For example, if an eye examination reveals that you need special screen work glasses, we will cover the costs for you.

If you are unable to get to a pharmacy, use the free delivery service including regular customer discount at a nearby pharmacy on Gotenstraße in Hamburg. This provides the special service of medication delivery to the workplace within 4 hours.