07 Sep 2017 | PLATH Group

Finish at PLATHfeet

The numbers of steps are really made to be seen! The winner team “Pinguin” with a total of 5.026.956 steps was way ahead of the second place, team „Geh nicht, gibt’s nicht“ with 3.808.934 and the third place „Walking Dead“ with 3.675.895 steps. Eleven teams joined the challenge, complemented by the bike team “Sales Cycles”. All teams collected a total of 33.918.216 steps, which equivalents to a distance of 22.222 kilometers and (with little excursions) the route from Hamburg to the Indonesian island Java.

The challenge was a full success, it encouraged all participants to more movement during the day and silenced one’s weaker self.

Jutta and Florian, the organisation team of the PLATHfeet action, were pleased with the results. “We never thought about coming so far with the steps. In the beginning Cyprus seemed to be too far as a goal. How nice to see, everyone was so motivated!” said Jutta. Florian added “The challenge had far more participants than expected. Maybe we will have to do something like that again next year!”. Special thanks go to all the supporters of the challenge. Especially barbecue expert Udo really surpassed himself with his arts at the fire and spoiled us with incredible treats.

Since the gingerbread time is just at it’s beginning let’s all hope, that this motivation will stay for a while and we all go on – after a short rest – sporty and athletic.

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