Software Development

„I appreciate the possibility of flexible working hours and find the PLATH-wide collaboration super exciting.“

Sales & Presales

„Taking on responsibility as quickly as possible and being able to help shape processes - this is the ideal employer for me. That is why I am at PLATH.“

Hardware Development

„At PLATH, I develop sensor technology products at the highest technical level. Our requirements coincide with my personal passion. That's just the greatest thing for me.“

Customer Services

„The working atmosphere at PLATH is excellent, which is encouraged, among other things, by the provision of regular joint activities.“

Sales & Presales

„It is important to me that we work together to find solutions for the challenges of our customers. And that's what we do at PLATH - with a lot of creativity, flexibility and professionalism.“

Quality Assurance

„I love to support our customers on-site and to engage in mutual exchange. Without this, I would only enjoy my work half as much.“

Customer Service

„I have been challenged since joining PLATH, but I am also supported. Not only by the challenging field of activity, but also by individual further training measures.“

Project Management

„It stimulates me when deadlines for customer projects are rapidly approaching. Then that's my motto: don't panic, because we can achieve everything together.“

Hardware Development

„The collegial atmosphere at PLATH is really great. I would not like to do without it. It is only under these conditions that innovative development can be successfully pursued.“

Facility Management

„Wherever my support is needed, I'll take care of it. This variety of tasks never leads to boredom, which is also extremely important for me.“


Communication & Intelligence – important in all areas

Almost 500 colleagues in the PLATH Group are working on innovative systems for communication intelligence and the implementation of future-oriented ideas. The working areas are as varied as the PLATH product range.

Challenging tasks and responsible projects can be found in Hardware & Software Development, Sales and Product Management as well as Quality Assurance and Customer Services. Take a look at the various PLATH divisions.


Customer-oriented solutions for radio intelligence "from sensors to knowledge" – this is PLATH. The RRS division provides the software for this.


The Sensors division develops and supplies the hardware and hardware-related software for the system business of PLATH.


The Quality Assurance department takes care of the planning and coordination of quality assurance actions relating to our solutions and products.


The task of the Customer Services is to ensure technical project planning where we play a key role in customer projects.


The product management develops the product strategy and manages the product roadmap. In addition, it takes up the customers´ requirements and develops a suitable solution design.


The project management is responsible for the organisation and execution of our system projects. Keywords in this area are in scope, in time and in budget.


The sales of PLATH solutions and the coordination of PLATH Group sales are our business. This means that we are, so to speak, responsible for the business development of the entire company.


Everything that moves the business divisions and units within PLATH Corporation comes together at Corporate. All companies in which PLATH is involved are controlled and coordinated from here.