Facility Management

„Wherever my support is needed, I'll take care of it. This variety of tasks never leads to boredom, which is also extremely important for me.“


Everything that moves the business divisions and business units within PLATH Corporation comes together at Corporate. We control and coordinate all companies in which PLATH Corporation GmbH is involved from here. This is currently eleven companies with a total of almost 500 employees.


We provide selected shared services, create a framework using our guideline authority, and ensure that everyone within PLATH Corporation works together successfully.


In the Accounting team, we record and pay all incoming invoices from our suppliers as well as the travel expenses of all employees and thus make an essential contribution to smooth internal and external cooperation. In addition, we prepare monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and are responsible for posting all other business transactions.

The Controlling team provides the basis for corporate decisions at all levels. Our tasks can be roughly divided into the topics of projects, corporate planning, sales, products and subsidiaries.We prepare budgets, regular reports and evaluations, carry out projections, calculate quotations and products, but are also available for special requests of any kind if required. One of our core tasks is corporate planning – in this context we prepare a budget before the beginning of the financial year and a quarterly projection.

In addition, we see ourselves as an interface between the departments and feel responsible for the flow of goods value in our ERP system proAlpha.

Analysts who passionately and confidently argue with numbers and don't let themselves be intimidated are in good hands in our Finance division.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department stands for more than only the typical handling of the issues involved, from application to references to working hours. Our Human Resources managers provide support for managers and colleagues in all HR processes and emerging issues in specific areas of the company. Within the scope of personnel development, we accompany and advise all colleagues during their individual career paths at PLATH. We provide all necessary tools such as personal development plans and support you in the planning and booking of important measures such as further education, training or coaching.

In order to remain an expert in high-end technology and to stand up to our competitors, we methodically support our divisions in the course of change processes to continuously optimise products and processes. With this in mind, we accompany and moderate workshops and provide target-oriented advice to corporate divisions and departments.

We are committed to attracting and recruiting the best talent. We are therefore constantly expanding our employer branding and university marketing activities. We use every opportunity to inspire and attract experts and young professionals to our company.

Among other things, we do this by actively shaping our working atmosphere and environment and creating attractive benefits and offers for our colleagues. For our new colleagues, we ensure a structured and thus profitable onboarding, so that they quickly find their way around our company, get to know their colleagues and gain insights into all PLATH areas. We are the first point of contact when personnel-relevant issues arise (e.g. regarding occupational pension schemes, occupational health management, etc.). Personalities, who love to be in intensive exchange with a wide variety of people and to deal with day-to-day or planned tasks in a goal-oriented manner but also those who flexibly react to topics which become important in a short term, are welcome at the HR department.

Last but not least, we are responsible for all administrative processes, including payroll accounting and the preparation of letters and references.


As the IT service provider for administration, security, network technology and support, CYPP GmbH supports our PLATH colleagues if IT at the workplace is not doing what it should. We provide advice with regard to new software and hardware, take care of mobility solutions, telephone systems, Internet security and maintain and further develop the central IT infrastructure.

Technically enthusiastic colleagues work in the IT department, who are happy to support their colleagues at PLATH in all IT-related issues.

Legal & export control

The department Legal & Export Control is responsible for the substantive and procedural examination and drafting of legal issues relating to the facts, documents, contracts and transactions relevant to foreign trade law that are necessary in connection with the sale, creation and delivery of our products. This means, among other things, comprehensive clarification and independent analysis of the relevant facts, examination of legal issues as well as the development and evaluation of possible solutions as advisers for all PLATH departments. We prepare specific recommendations for action for our company management, draft all purchase, delivery and agency contracts and represent PLATH in judicial and extrajudicial disputes. In our department you will find lawyers who are looking for a special challenge and who are reluctant to settle for self-employment or work in a law firm.


The Logistics department handles orders for everything from incoming orders to customs clearance and advises our other departments when preparing quotations, including bank guarantees, letters of credit, transport options and country regulations. Our certification as an Authorised Economic Operator requires special attention from us. Our colleagues are therefore trained in all aspects of logistics and are in regular contact with the customs office, because proper customs clearance is important to us.

We have colleagues working in our team who are always on top of things, who keep an eye on everything and who have the appropriate sensitivity to act as an interface to various departments and external partners. Does this description apply to you exactly? Find out more about our vacancies in the Logistics department.


The Marketing department is responsible for the consistent orientation and implementation of all our internal and external corporate communications. We deal with the needs of the market and our target groups and combine the resulting communication approaches in a marketing strategy.

An essential element for our internal communication is our intranet. Using its contents, on the one hand, we want to make our corporate culture visible and, on the other hand, create transparency with regard to our corporate strategy and the associated internal processes. Last but not least, our intranet also provides a platform for collaborative knowledge management and profitable knowledge transfer. We also focus on the topic of employer branding in its various facets.

We define external communication as all communication activities that leave our company based on our corporate design and corporate image. For example, this includes all printed matter (brochures, flyers, data sheets, letterheads, business cards, etc.), our websites, advertisements and press releases, mailings or advertising material. We are also responsible for the organisation of national and international trade fairs and events.

Our team is made up of colleagues who want to live out their creativity and organisational talent and who feel at home on the international stage.


The Procurement department is responsible for the company's procurement strategy, taking into account supply chain security. Due to the complex and highly technical requirements placed on the products for our customer systems, we work together with our suppliers in a relationship of trust and partnership.

The customer requirements for our systems are constantly changing with technical development. We work closely with our colleagues from the Pre-sales, Product and Project Management and Development departments to find optimal solutions.

The challenge we set ourselves of finding reliable, flexible, creative and competent partners, agreeing framework conditions for cooperation and negotiating the best price for the required quality makes our work very varied.

In our Procurement department you will meet a wide range of personalities: Patient perseverance meets negotiating strength and a good feel for technical products.

Travel Management

The Travel Management supports our colleagues in visa procurement, travel booking, organization of currency as well as in travel insurance. In addition, we contribute to comfortable and safe travel by training travellers.

There are colleagues in our Travel Management team who are pleased to handle many processes at the same time and who proceed with great care and a pronounced sense of service.