Project Management

„At PLATH, I am inspired by the interdisciplinary cooperation at eye level. Answering complex customer requirements in a solution-oriented and agile way as a team forms the basis of project success.“

Project Management

„It stimulates me when deadlines for customer projects are rapidly approaching. Then that's my motto: don't panic, because we can achieve everything together.“

Project Management

The project management is responsible for the organisation and execution of our system projects. Keywords in this area are in scope, in time and in budget.

We take over customer orders from the sales department and manage the complex customer projects from start to finish and the subsequent handover to Customer Services.

This means that our Project Managers are responsible as the organising and controlling central interface for all project participants and customers for the design of the systems, the composition of the systems, the configuration, the test as well as the delivery and handover. Depending on the scope of the project, several projects may be the responsibility of one colleague, or the project may be managed jointly by several Project Managers. 

The team working in this area is made up of multitasking organisational talents who have a high level of technical understanding and who coordinate both customers and the departments involved in the project in a target-oriented and tactful manner. If this description appeals to you, we look forward to getting to know you.