Sales & Presales

„It is important to me that we work together to find solutions for the challenges of our customers. And that's what we do at PLATH - with a lot of creativity, flexibility and professionalism.“

Sales & Presales

„Taking on responsibility as quickly as possible and being able to help shape processes - this is the ideal employer for me. That is why I am at PLATH.“

Sales & Presales

The sales of PLATH solutions and the coordination of PLATH Group sales are our business. This means that we are, so to speak, responsible for the business development of the entire company. Our actions are based on the sales strategy, which in turn is oriented towards the corporate strategy. Our ambitious target is to achieve 5% growth in sales performance every year. Our sales teams differ from each other with regard to their international customer acquisition, support and country focus.

What is the same in all teams: Every sales colleague sees himself as an entrepreneur in the company and acts as such – with entrepreneurial skill and corresponding responsibility.

If you are fascinated by high-end technology and products in need of explanation, have the necessary skills in dealing with customers and call yourself either a "farmer" or a "hunter", we should get to know each other and work together to advance the business development of the PLATH Group.

We are supported by our pre-sales colleagues, who take care of all issues relating to the preparation of quotations and the presentation of system concepts. In close coordination with the sales teams and Marketing, customer-specific technical solutions and relevant marketing documents are developed and successfully presented, among other things, at trade fairs around the world.

If you are someone who wants to describe our technical systems in detail, both verbally and in writing, but who also wants to put them on paper in a way that everyone can understand, then we look forward to your creativity and focus on results.