„I'm proud that we at PLATH also develop and test software in an agile way! Software testers are part of our development teams, and thanks to them we have a high degree of automation in quality assurance.“

Software Development

„Even as a working student at Plath, I was given varied and exciting tasks. In addition, the positive team spirit and collegial atmosphere create an inspiring environment in which I both enjoy working.“

Software Development

Customer-oriented solutions for radio intelligence "from sensors to knowledge" – this is PLATH. The RRS division provides the software for this.

We develop our main product, ICAS –  Intelligence Control and Analysis Solution, with nine international teams in Hamburg and Cyprus. ICAS reliably orchestrates the cooperation of all system components. Our software inspires our customers and enables them to work as efficiently as possible. We also develop associated tools such as COPIN, RKB and other radio intelligence software.

We use JAVA and C++ for programming. We have been successfully using Scrum in a scaled process for years. Direct and close cooperation with Quality Assurance in the Scrum teams and DevOps for "Continuous Integration" are important cornerstones of our approach.

We are proud of the quality of our work. We are committed to delivering a sustainable and high quality solution for our customers. Therefore, we use recognised software development practices in our daily work and constantly further develop our competencies.

If you find the domain of radio intelligence and radio locating exciting, if you would like to be part of large and continuing projects and if you are interested in constantly improving your skills together with other software developers, then the RRS team is the right place for you.