Does PLATH as a company suit me personally?

With us you find passionate, approachable colleagues with a broad spectrum of academic backgrounds, different work experience, perspectives and mentalities – from 13 countries. They all bring valuable work experience with them, which they are well able to contribute with us. 

Our professionals (managers and people with experience) have gained technical knowledge from various areas as a rule, as our demanding, high-end technology requires a certain degree of expertise. People with degrees or doctorates in physics, mathematics, IT or electrical/communications engineering, for example, can be found among our successful managers at PLATH.

In most cases our junior employees already bring their initial experience from their particular areas of work with them – be it through internships, working student activities and/or different periods of work. It is above all their curiosity and ambition that makes them stand out, as they don’t hold back with their ideas and questions.

How important is German and English language knowledge for working at PLATH?

Excellent knowledge of written and spoken German is a prerequisite for working with us, as German is our company language. Good to very good knowledge of English is also indispensable in all areas of our company.

What is the easiest way for me to apply?

You can simply apply online. Should you have any questions about your application, the following HR contact people will be happy to help you.

What does the interview process look like?

We carry out two or, if necessary, three interviews as part of our selection process. This gives us both the opportunity to strengthen our mutually positive impression through conversations on different days. If, after we’ve got to know you, we decide that we have a future together you will soon be receiving a contract offer from us. Find out more about our interview process

Will I get a refund for my travel costs to the interviews?

Of course we will refund your travel costs. After your interview please send us the original receipts for your travel along with your bank details.  Please be aware when you book that, in accordance with our travel policy, second class tickets with Deutsche Bahn can be submitted (first class tickets can also be submitted for distances of over 350km). If you travel by car we will refund you € 0.30 per kilometre up to a maximum distance of 200 km or maximum costs to the amount of a corresponding train ticket. If you are only able to travel here by plane, we will refund the price for the flight in the lowest economy class.

What does the onboarding programme look like?

Getting you on board has a high priority with us, as a well-considered, professional induction programme helps you quickly find your way around, technically and physically, in our company. You will be receiving a START@PLATH welcome package from us, consisting of the most important information and documentation for your start, as well as your individual initiation plan.  Find out more about START@PLATH.

How does the feedback on my work take place?

There are regular meetings, stand-up meetings and team meetings for all teams where the current issues and tasks are discussed and general feedback is given. You also get a detailed feedback in the annual and six-monthly appraisals that take place between you and your line manager. These talks are used for exchanges of views and the continuous planning of your individual further development. Of course all the talks and meetings should not be seen as a one-way street – it is our wish that you also contribute your ideas, wishes and feedback here.

How can I further develop myself professionally and personally after starting in the company?

It is important for us that every single one of us develops, as the success of our company depends on the know-how of our colleagues as well as their talents and passions. On entering the company you are included in our CAMPUS@PLATH. This is where a continuous professional and personal further development programme is automatically generated. Find out more about  GROW@PLATH and what it involves.

PLATH works all over the world. What does that mean for me and my travel activity?

Depending on your position, business trips are part of your work; especially if you work with our customers in Sales & Pre-sales, Project Management, Hard- & Software Development or Customer Service. There is no typical travel plan. The requirement to travel varies with each project that you work in and depends on your role. Depending on the issues involved and the travel time, business trips can last between half a day and up to two weeks. As a rule this usually involves stays with our customers of between one and five days. And if you attend selected seminars and trainings, you are then travelling in pursuit of your own individual personal development of course.

How does PLATH describe its own company culture?

As a medium-sized Hanseatic company with a global success story, one thing is clearly in focus at PLATH: its cooperative atmosphere. Everyone knows each other – that’s our maxim. That is why we set great store in open communication and a regular exchange of views in a diverse range of meeting formats, but also across corridors, departments and companies of course. Above all our rich and varied PLATH events are an expression of our diverse culture. Find out more about Company culture and the associated benefits.

What benefits does PLATH offer me?

PLATH offers any number of benefits and has something for everyone– but, like many other things, our portfolio of benefits is constantly changing. And we are also open to suggestions. Find out more about Benefits.