Talent Talks, Personal development plans, PD(P)

We have regular collective meetings in the management together with the personnel department on the subject of personnel development in each team (Talent Talks). This works as a platform for exchanging information, supplementing the perception of the individual team members with that of their management colleagues and broadening perspectives this way. In this way, at any point in time, a view of the individual strengths, competences and of course also a consideration of each employee’s wishes for professional development is determined as objectively as possible. In the course of the year, regular discussions between the manager and the employee serve to monitor and review the development plan and complement it with useful measures such as trainings and coachings.


If you have a management role with us, you will automatically be included in our LEADERSHIP programme. As part of this programme, our managers – regardless of whether they are new or have been in this role for a long time – are regularly guided in individual support and development discussions as well as in workshops and trainings together. Various issues, such as steering discussions, team development and conflict management, are taken up in this context and worked on with a view to finding solutions.

Close and constructive exchanges of views among management colleagues, and the resulting insights into the bigger picture, enable networking that reaches beyond any departmental and company limits. This is extremely valuable for any successful cooperation – not just for our individual managers but for the entire PLATH Group.