Application process

 Job search:
Please use the available search functions to find the jobs that best suit you and your expectations.
 Online application:
Click on “apply online” under the job offer and please enter the necessary personal information in the given template. You can also have your personal data imported from your existing social media profile. Please also upload your CV along with important testimonials and certificates to complete your application.
We will send you an acknowledgement of receipt by email as soon as we have received your application documentation.  
We take time to carefully examine your application. The time we need for this examination can vary, depending on the number of applications submitted and the consultation necessary between our responsible HR managers and the managers of the departments concerned. So please be patient. We will of course keep you informed on the process of your application.
If we would like to find out more about you, above and beyond your application documentation, you will be invited by the relevant HR manager to take part in our interview process so we can get to know you in person.


The interview process

The invitation to the first introductory conversation is given over the phone. You will be phoned by the HR manager responsible for the department concerned to arrange an appointment that suits both parties. You will then receive a confirmation of the appointment along with additional information by email.

We carry out two or, if necessary, three interviews as part of our selection process (via video conference tool "WebEx" or on site). This gives us both the opportunity to strengthen the positive impression we share through conversations on different days.

In the second or perhaps third interview we will ask you to work on a case study. The case studies are set up in such a way that you can use your own individual knowledge and experience. There are no “right” solutions here – it is about gaining an impression of how we would overcome our day-to-day challenges together. So we are happy for you to think out loud and let us share in your thoughts.

If, after we’ve got to know you, we decide that we have a future together, you will soon be receiving a contract offer from us. After we and you have signed your work contract, it all continues automatically with our onboarding process.


Getting you on board (whether remote or on site) has a high priority with us, as a well-considered, professional induction programme helps you quickly find your way around, technically and physically, in our company. You will be receiving a START@PLATH welcome package from us, consisting of the most important information and documentation for your start, as well as your individual initiation plan. This plan functions as a checklist and also provides you with an overview of the things you need to learn within the first six months.

You will be guided by a mentor who will be on hand with help and advice throughout your initiation period. 

You will be taking part in the first CAMPUS@PLATH trainings, to get you up to speed in the fundamental issues in our industry and technology, and getting to know the colleagues you will be dealing with in your future interface areas.